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Project Management

The Samuel Group Architects practices a comprehensive approach to the planning, design and follow through of construction phases for all of our projects. TSG can provide services and support from the early stages of a project, such as Facility Program Requirements and site selection through the design and construction phases, and commissioning and move-in.When the project and the client require it, TSG can create and direct extended teams of architects, engineers, consultants, contractors and vendors.We have found that the Team approach to solving design and construction challenges has worked exceptionally well. Qualified and experienced Project Management is a key component to successful projects.TSG has specialized in supporting large national clients and has provided leadership and support roles for large building programs, signage conversions and mergers.

Mission Critical

TSG Technology Studio

The Samuel Group Architects has a specialized studio to provide complete design and consulting services for Data Centers and other Mission Critical Facilities.Mike Johnson and Fernando Duron direct TSG Technology Studio. Mike is a registered architect and Fernando is a technical design and management consultant with a background in data processing and information technology facility design and management. Mike and Fernando have worked together for the past 24 years, and have provided specialized consulting, design and project management services for clients worldwide.We believe that the most effective approach to critical facilities projects is a comprehensive team plan that involves all users and design disciplines from the earliest planning stages and continued throughout the entire project life cycle. The multitude of efforts required for these projects must run parallel, accomplishing their specific tasks in order to meet the overall schedule through the coordination of the efforts of all team members.Our unique focus is to promote coordination for the requirements of Information Technology and the requirements of Facilities and ensure a facility that satisfies both as well as the entire company.

Critical Facilities Service Offerings

Information Management Strategy develops an overall information technology strategy, which considers and supports the client\’s business plan. This strategy is used to guide information management planning for the near and long term regarding critical operations facilities, hardware, communications, physical and technical migrations and contingency planning.Facility Technical Program provides the working guidelines for the design phases for data/operations and communications center projects and all facilities incorporating communications and information systems technology. We have a systematic and detailed planning methodology for these building types.Facility Design Services provide consulting design services for technical facilities:

  • Building Architecture/Interior Design
  • Data Center Design
  • Data/Communications Equipment Layout
  • Data Center Hardware Planning
  • Command Control Center and Network Operations Center Design
  • Critical Support Systems Criteria/Planning
  • Physical Security Planning

Communications Consulting and design services involve voice/data networks, infrastructure and cabling. This service identifies and integrates the entire communications requirement into a comprehensive plan and is executed parallel to the traditional design phases.Technical Physical Relocation Planning assists with the orderly transition of people and equipment, without disruption to ongoing information processing activities.Technical Migration Planning assists clients with the technical design, planning, and migration to new computing and communications facilities.Facility Evaluation determines the adequacy of supporting systems, the capability of existing facilities to physically accommodate growth of the technical resource and makes recommendations regarding possible upgrades.


Green Building is in Demand.

TSG has worked with national clients in developing Green Building Approaches for LEED Certification and has worked with Clients, building teams and vendors to integrate and implement specific green building systems and products.The Samuel Group has multiple LEED -accredited professionals on its staff.

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